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Saturday, April 3, 2010

You can wear brooch in a creative way...

let me show you what you can do with this classy brooch :)

  • just pin it on your favorite shawl or scarf

Permaisuri Agong in classic brooch :)
  • add on your wide brim hat / cocktail hat or even your beret with your favorite brooch . nah , its a perfect accessory for picnic or outing with your friends . let the hat be the center of attention people ;)
  • do the unexpected , play with different hairstyles and look . use your classy brooch to your updo , and now you can go out with a classy look ;)
plain white band with a classy brooch
  • place brooch on your favorite clothing ( dress , shirt , jumper or even your lapel ! )
don’t be afraid to add multiple brooches ;)
  • attach the brooch to a basic strip of velvet ( you can buy it at ikea , sayang you or any wedding/accessories store ) and wear it as a choker
  • turn your simple shoes into a dazzling one by having a pair of classy brooch onto your shoe ! and if your favorite shoes are now sitting on shoe rack just because a small defect , a simple trick will give you a perfect solution to cover it up ;)
  • add on a simple bag or clutch . give your bag an updated look .

  • attach your pale satin belt with a classy brooch .

( images source : internet )
footnote : dont be afraid to experiment your brooch girls ;)

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